Glucose degradation products and peritoneal membrane function.

  title={Glucose degradation products and peritoneal membrane function.},
  author={Janusz Witowski and Thorsten Onno Bender and G. M. Gahl and Ulrich A Frei and A J{\"o}rres J{\"o}rres},
  journal={Peritoneal dialysis international : journal of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis},
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BACKGROUND The bioincompatibility of peritoneal dialysis fluids (PDF) in current use has been partially attributed to the presence of glucose degradation products (GDPs), which are generated during heat sterilization of PDF. Several of the GDPs have been identified and we have recently demonstrated that these GDPs per se may impair the viability and function of human peritoneal mesothelial cells (HPMC) in vitro. It is also possible that GDP-related toxicity is further exacerbated by the milieu… CONTINUE READING