Gluconeogenic Signals Regulate Iron Homeostasis via Hepcidin in Mice

  title={Gluconeogenic Signals Regulate Iron Homeostasis via Hepcidin in Mice},
  author={Chiara Vecchi and Giuliana Montosi and Cinzia Garuti and Elena Corradini and Manuela Sabelli and Susanna Canali and Antonello Pietrangelo},
BACKGROUND & AIMS Hepatic gluconeogenesis provides fuel during starvation, and is abnormally induced in obese individuals or those with diabetes. Common metabolic disorders associated with active gluconeogenesis and insulin resistance (obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease) have been associated with alterations in iron homeostasis that disrupt insulin sensitivity and promote disease progression. We investigated whether gluconeogenic signals directly control… CONTINUE READING
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