Gluconeogenesis from glycine and serine in the rat.

  title={Gluconeogenesis from glycine and serine in the rat.},
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Gluconeogenesis from serine in rabbit hepatocytes.

  • G. ClaryR. Guynn
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Gluconeogensis in vivo from glycine in x-irradiated rats.

Findings did not suggest an enhancement in the net synthesis of the sugar in x-irradiated rats, although the incorporation of radioactivity in blood sugar and liver glycogen was high at all time-intervals studied in cortisone-treated rats, showing enhanced gluconeogenesis.

Enzymes of glucose formation and turnover in x-irradiated rats.

Analysis of liver enzymes involved in deamination of amino acids, gluconeogenesis and the hepatic turnover of glucose suggested that variations in the enzyme activities could be due to physiological adaptations following a flux of substrates.

Effect of insulin on gluconeogenesis from glycine-2-C.

Analysis of a characteristic alteration of glycogen in the liver of alloxan diabetic rat by fasting.

  • T. Komatsu
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Nagoya journal of medical science
  • 1977
There was a positive correlation between the blood glucose level and the liver glycogen level in fasted diabetic condition, and 14C-glucose in the blood converted from (2.l4C] lactate was more in alloxan-treated rats, it was attributed to delayed disappearance of glucose from the blood stream.

Pyruvate metabolism in mammalian liver.

An inverse correlation exists between the percentage of labeling in C-5 of free liver glutamate and the net incorporation of 14C into blood glucose from pyruvate-2-14C.

Glucose metabolism is differentially altered by choline and methionine in bovine neonatal hepatocytes

The differential regulation supports unique effects of CC and DLM within bovine hepatocytes, and changes in G6PC may have shifted glucose-6-phosphate towards cellular glycogen; however, subsequent examination of G 6PC protein is needed.


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