Glucocorticoids in sepsis: dissecting facts from fiction

  title={Glucocorticoids in sepsis: dissecting facts from fiction},
  author={Charles L Sprung and Djillali Annane and Mervyn Singer and Rui Paulo Moreno and Didier Keh},
  booktitle={Critical care},
recent commentary [1] states that " a result of an overwhelming selection bias, only approximately 5% of eligible patients were enrolled in the CORTICUS study [2]. " As its authors, we are unaware as to what constitutes this overwhelming bias and from where he has plucked a fi gure of 5%. CORTICUS enrolled patients with clinical evidence of infection, systemic infl ammatory response syndrome, shock within 72 hours (defi ned by a systolic blood pressure <90 mmHg despite adequate fl uid… CONTINUE READING

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