Glucocorticoid-induced DNA demethylation and gene memory during development.

  title={Glucocorticoid-induced DNA demethylation and gene memory during development.},
  author={H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Thomassin and Mich{\`e}le Flavin and Maria Llu{\"i}sa Espin{\'a}s and Thierry Grange},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={20 8},
Glucocorticoid hormones were found to regulate DNA demethylation within a key enhancer of the rat liver-specific tyrosine aminotransferase (Tat) gene. Genomic footprinting analysis shows that the glucocorticoid receptor uses local DNA demethylation as one of several steps to recruit transcription factors in hepatoma cells. Demethylation occurs within 2-3 days following rapid (< 1 h) chromatin remodeling and recruitment of a first transcription factor, HNF-3. Upon demethylation, two additional… CONTINUE READING

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