Glucocorticoid administration reduces cardiac dysfunction after brain death in pigs.

  title={Glucocorticoid administration reduces cardiac dysfunction after brain death in pigs.},
  author={Jefferson M. Lyons and Jeffrey M. Pearl and Kelly M. McLean and Shahab A. Akhter and Connie J. Wagner and Prakash K. Pandalai and Jodie Y. Duffy},
  journal={The Journal of heart and lung transplantation : the official publication of the International Society for Heart Transplantation},
  volume={24 12},
BACKGROUND Traumatic brain injury and subsequent brain death (BD) account for nearly half of all organ donors, yet only 33% of available hearts are transplanted. Alterations in multiple physiologic pathways after BD can lead to cardiac dysfunction and exclusion from transplantation. Triple hormone resuscitation with methylprednisolone, thyroid hormone and vasopressin has had inconsistent results in the effort to reduce cardiac dysfunction associated with BD, but individual analysis of these… CONTINUE READING
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