Glucagon increases urinary oxalate excretion in the guinea pig.

  title={Glucagon increases urinary oxalate excretion in the guinea pig.},
  author={Ross Philip Holmes and Christopher H. Hurst and Dean G. Assimos and Harold O. Goodman},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={269 3 Pt 1},
Factors that influence hepatic oxalate synthesis are poorly defined. Hormones are important regulators of hepatic metabolism and could potentially be involved. The effects of hyperglucagonemia were examined in guinea pigs injected with either saline or pharmacological doses of glucagon for 4 days. Glucagon treatment increased mean urinary oxalate excretion by 77% in male and 34% in female animals. The levels of hepatic peroxisomal enzymes involved in oxalate synthesis declined with glucagon… CONTINUE READING