Glowing contact areas in loose copper wire connections

  title={Glowing contact areas in loose copper wire connections},
  author={I. Sletbak and R. Kristensen and H. Sundklakk and G. Navik and Magne Runde},
  journal={Electrical Contacts - 1991 Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh IEEE HOLM Conference on Electrical Contacts},
Laboratory experiments have shown that, when a current-carrying, loose copper wire connection is exposed to mechanical vibrations, a layer of Cu/sub 2/O grows to form a bridge between the contact members, bonding them to one another. Due to the strongly negative temperature coefficient of Cu/sub 2/O at high temperatures, the current is concentrated in a thin, glowing filament at or near the surface of the oxide bridge. The maximum temperature of this filament was found to be 1200-1300 degrees C… CONTINUE READING
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