Glossary of Genetics and Cytogenetics

  title={Glossary of Genetics and Cytogenetics},
  author={Professor Dr. Rigomar Rieger and Dr. Arnd Michaelis and Professor Dr. Melvin M. Green},
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Genetic and biochemical biomarkers in the macrophyte Bidens laevis L. Exposed to a commercial formulation of endosulfan

Only cytogenetic biomarkers like CAAT in B. laevis can serve potentially as early warning systems to detect environmentally relevant concentrations of endosulfan in aquatic ecosystems, and defense biomarkers such as the activity of the antioxidant enzymes are evaluated.

Interaction between root-knot nematodes and Solanum spp. Variation in pathogenicity, cytology, proteins and DNA.

The combination of post-reductional meiosis and the fusion of the second polar body with the egg pronucleus is probably responsable for maintenance of heterozygosity in meiotic parthenogenetic Meloidogyne.

A new sight in partiality and in wholeness on the organism idiotype action

This work has given, with a dose of conditionality, a new concept for the ingredients of the results of action of one or another combination of the genetic determinants, suitable for all the species of prokaryotes and during all the phases of the aforementioned stadium of gametobiont of the eukaryotes.

A kabuli chickpea ideotype

The concept of ‘crop ideotype’ is coined as a desirable plant model expected to better perform for seed yield, oils and other useful characteristics when developed as a cultivar, and it consists of

Wortbedeutung und ethische Aspekte

  • F. Kreuz
  • Medizinethische Überlegungen zur prädiktiven und pränatalen genetischen Diagnostik und Beratung
  • 2022

Molecular Approaches for Harvesting Natural Diversity for Crop Improvement

This chapter has tried to discuss the domestication events with respect to genetic architecture in crop plants during the course of evolution, crop improvement for food and nutritional security, role of crop genetic resources and their importance, genetic bottlenecks responsible for narrowing down of genetic diversity, significance of conservation of natural variation, and base-broadening conventional approaches.



Competition between Bivalents during Chiasma Formation

It has been demonstrated by Haldane (1931) that the frequency distributions of chiasma formation in bivalents at the first division of meiosis also indicate that interference occurs.

Studies of gene mutation in Saccharomyces.

  • H. Roman
  • Biology
    Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology
  • 1956


For the purpose of comparison of the behavior of the nucleoli, and the relation of the latter to the chromosomes and the satellites, somatic mitoses were studied of the plants possessing entirely different idiograms but belonging to the same family.

The phenomenon of position effect.

Mechanism of activation of catabolite-sensitive genes: a positive control system.

It is concluded that cyclic AMP and a protein factor called the catabolite gene activator protein are part of a positive control system for activating catabolites-sensitive genes.

A Secondary Trisome in Maize.

  • M. Rhoades
  • Biology
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1933
** The ratio of the two arms of the No. 2 chromosome found in the writer's cultures is 1.0: 1.4 but McClintock has found certain strains of maize where the ratio is approximately 1.0:1.2. 1

Bearings of the Drosophila work on systematics. In: "The New Systematics

  • 1940

Chromosome Structure in the Meiotic Chromosomes of Rhoeo discolor Hance

  • K. Sax
  • Biology
    Journal of the Arnold Arboretum.
  • 1935