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Glossanodon kotakamaru, a New Argentine Fish from Southern Japan (Protacanthopterygii: Argentinidae)

  title={Glossanodon kotakamaru, a New Argentine Fish from Southern Japan (Protacanthopterygii: Argentinidae)},
  author={Hiromitsu Endo and Kazuya Nashida},
A new species of argentinid, Glossanodon kotakamaru, is described on the basis of 11 specimens (57-125 mm SL) from Tosa Bay and off Amami Oshima Island, southern Japan. The new species differs from its congeners in having the following combination of characters: dorsal- fin rays 12-13; anal-fin rays 11-13; pectoral-fin rays 21-23; pelvic-fin rays 13-14; branchiostegal rays 5; gill-rakers on first arch 37-40; vertebrae 49-50; 2-4 small conical teeth on middle of lower jaws and 1-3 on tongue… 

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