Glomus Tumor of the Stomach: GI Image

  title={Glomus Tumor of the Stomach: GI Image},
  author={Carolina Castro Ruiz and Gabriele Carlinfante and Maurizio Zizzo and Alessandro Giunta and Roberto Ronzoni and Francesco Azzolini and Claudio Pedrazzoli},
  booktitle={Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery},
A 70-year-old female presented to our attention with an incidental finding, of a gastric mass, during videolaparoscopic cholecystectomy; the surgeon described a mass forming lesion within the gastric wall that did not erose the serosa. The patient underwent different gastroscopies, and during the last gastroscopic control, the endoscopist found a significant increasement of the well-known mass (2 cm in diameter), located in the gastric antrum nearby the pylorum laying in the greater curvature… CONTINUE READING
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  • Kikuchi K Chinen KMurakami T Kunishima F. Diagnostic utili Kato S, 21
  • Fig. 4 Glomus tumor (white arrows) being resected…
  • 2017
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