Glomerulocystic kidney in a domestic dog.

  title={Glomerulocystic kidney in a domestic dog.},
  author={Mao Takahashi and Takashi Morita and Michio Sawada and Takashige Uemura and Ali D. Haruna and Akinori Shimada},
  journal={Journal of comparative pathology},
  volume={133 2-3},
Glomerulocystic kidney was diagnosed in a 5-year-old female Shiba dog, which died from chronic renal failure with convulsions, vomiting and diarrhoea. Haematological examination revealed non-regenerating anaemia, azotaemia and high serum creatinine. Grossly, both kidneys were mildly atrophic with multiple small cysts in the cortex. Histopathological examination revealed marked dilatation of Bowman's space, often with glomerular atrophy or loss, and mild interstitial fibrosis. Bowman's basement… CONTINUE READING