Glomerular tuft ballooning in mitomycin-C-induced renal impairment

  title={Glomerular tuft ballooning in mitomycin-C-induced renal impairment},
  author={Hideo Shiiki and Kazuhiro Dohi and Hisayuki Nishioka and Takashi Matsuda and Masao Kanauchi and Hideto Uyama and Hyoe Ishikawa and Teruo Watanabe},
  journal={Virchows Archiv A},
Severe ballooning of the glomerular tufts was observed in a 65-year-old man who was treated with mitomycin C (MMC) and had typical MMC-induced renal lesions. He developed renal failure and severe anaemia 6 months after initiation of chemotherapy. Ballooned tufts were caused by enormous expansion of the sub-endothelial space simultaneously associated with… CONTINUE READING