Glomerular pathology of allograft kidneys in Hong Kong.


AIMS Our goal was to define the spectrum of glomerular diseases in allograft kidneys and to correlate them with clinical parameters. METHODS Eight hundred ninety-one renal graft biopsies and 43 graft nephrectomies from 1980 to 2004 were obtained from 442 allografts transplanted to 425 patients. RESULTS Glomerular diseases were diagnosed in 33% of kidney… (More)


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@article{Chan1996GlomerularPO, title={Glomerular pathology of allograft kidneys in Hong Kong.}, author={K. W. Chan and T. M. Chan and Irene Cheng}, journal={Transplantation proceedings}, year={1996}, volume={37 10}, pages={4293-6} }