Glomerular and tubular function in glycogen storage disease

  title={Glomerular and tubular function in glycogen storage disease},
  author={Philip S. Lee and Rosemary Dalton and Vanita Shah and Peter Christopher Hindmarsh and James V. Leonard},
  journal={Pediatric Nephrology},
Urinary protein and calcium excretion were assessed in 77 patients with the hepatic glycogen storage diseases (GSD): 30 with GSD-I (median age 12.4 years, range 3.2–32.9 years), 25 with GSD-III (median age 10.5 years, range 4.2–31.3 years) and 22 with GSD-IX (median age 11.8 years, range 1.2–35.4 years). Inulin (C inulin) and para-aminohippuric acid (C PAH) clearances were also measured in 33 of these patients. Those with GSD-I had significantly greater albumin (F=15.07,P<0.001), retinolbinding… CONTINUE READING


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