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Globular clusters as tracers of the dark matter halo: insights from the E-MOSAICS simulations

  title={Globular clusters as tracers of the dark matter halo: insights from the E-MOSAICS simulations},
  author={Marta Reina-Campos and Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez and Alis J. Deason and J. M. Diederik Kruijssen and Joel L Pfeffer and Robert A. Crain and Nate Bastian and Meghan E Hughes},
Globular clusters (GCs) are bright objects that span a wide range of galactocentric distances, and are thus probes of the structure of dark matter (DM) haloes. In this work, we explore whether the projected radial profiles of GCs can be used to infer the structural properties of their host DM haloes. We use the simulated GC populations in a sample of 166 central galaxies from the (34.4 cMpc)3 periodic volume of the E-MOSAICS project. We find that more massive galaxies host stellar and GC… 


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legend, and the big markers with errorbars connected by dotted lines show the median values and 25–75th percentiles. The magenta star corresponds to the GCs in the Milky Way (Harris 1976; Wolf
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APPENDIX A: QUALITY OF THE FITTING PROCEDURE In this appendix, we quantify the quality of the fitting procedure performed in Sect. 4 to the spatial distributions of GCs, stars and
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Einasto profile is due to this profile being more accurate at describing the inner part of the DM profile compared to the NFW profile
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Contrary to the slope, the effective radii of the GC populations are quite insensitive to the choice of the radial range
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