Globba unifolia andG. corneri stat. et nom. nov. (Zingiberaceae; Peninsular Malaysia)

  title={Globba unifolia andG. corneri stat. et nom. nov. (Zingiberaceae; Peninsular Malaysia)},
  author={Anton Weber},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
  • A. Weber
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Plant Systematics and Evolution
Based on personal collections ofGlobba unifoliaRidl. andG. unifolia var.sessilifloraHoltt., the latter is recognized as a distinct species. As the nameG. sessiliflora is already occupied, the nomen novumG. corneri is proposed in honour of Prof. DrE. J. H. Corner, who was the first collector of the plant. 

A new Globba with large white floral bracts from Peninsular Malaysia

Abstract Globba magnibracteata Y.Y.Sam, sp. nov. is described and illustrated. Colour plates, a preliminary conservation assessment and a discussion of its closely related taxa are provided.

Taxonomy of Globba (Zingiberaceae) in Sumatra, Indonesia

All published information on Globba (Zingiberaceae) in Sumatra is summarized and augmented by data obtained by revision of herbarium materials and observations in the field, including one new species, which belongs to sect.



The herbaceous flora of ulu endau johore pahang malaysia including taxonomic notes and descriptions of new species

  • R. Kiew
  • Biology, Environmental Science
  • 1987
The herbaceous flora of Ulu Endau is as diverse as other areas in Malaysia with the Cyperaceae, Zingiberaceae, Gesneriaceae, Melastomataceae, Araceae, Rubiaceae and Acanthaceae being the predominant