Globally optimized Fourier finite-difference method for ultrasound breast imaging

  title={Globally optimized Fourier finite-difference method for ultrasound breast imaging},
  author={Lianjie Huang and K. Hanson and Y. Quan and Cuiping Li and N. Duric},
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Ultrasound reflection imaging is a promising imaging modality for detecting small, early-stage breast cancers. Properly accounting for ultrasound scattering from heterogeneities within the breast is essential for high-resolution and high-quality ultrasound breast imaging. We develop a globally optimized Fourier finite-difference method for ultrasound reflectivity image reconstruction. It utilizes an optimized solution of acoustic-wave equation and a heterogeneous sound-speed distribution of the… Expand
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Photoacoustic imaging in acoustically heterogeneous media
Die photoakustische Bildgebung gilt als vielversprechendes Verfahren fur die Charakterisierung von atherosklerotischen Plaques. Allerdings erschweren Bildartefakte, die ihre Ursache in akustischerExpand


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Initial results indicate that operator-independent, whole-breast imaging and the detection of breast masses are feasible, and future studies will focus on improved detection and differentiation of masses in support of the long-term goal of increasing the specificity of breast exams. Expand