Globally Constrained Locally Optimized 3-D Power Delivery Networks

  title={Globally Constrained Locally Optimized 3-D Power Delivery Networks},
  author={Aida Todri and Sandip Kundu and Patrick Girard and Alberto Bosio and Luigi Dilillo and Arnaud Virazel},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems},
Design of power delivery network (PDN) is a constrained optimization problem. An ideal PDN must limit voltage drop that results from switching circuits' transients, satisfy current density constraints that arise from electromigration limits, yet use only minimal metal resources so that design density targets can be met. It should also provide an efficient thermal conduit to address heat flux. Furthermore, an ideal PDN should be a regular structure to facilitate design productivity and… CONTINUE READING


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