Globalizing Capital

  title={Globalizing Capital},
  author={Barry J Eichengreen},
Capital Account Regulation and National Autonomy: The Political Economy of the New Welfare Economics
Abstract The 2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) eroded the consensus around the benefits of capital mobility within mainstream economics. Against this background, this paper discusses to what
Why Chinese bank internationalisation is gradual - an historical institutional perspective
  • W. Selmier
  • Economics
    Transnational Corporations Review
  • 2018
Abstract Chinese banks have opted for slow, organic growth in their overseas network expansion rather extensive bank acquisitions, but their future impacts on international banking and financial
Fostering a Dynamic and Stable Neighborhood for Europe
Europe is less dynamic than other areas in the world. The European Union will lose its position as the largest economic region, with the share in world output decreasing to less than 15% in 2050.
Towards a European Partnership Policy (EPP) with the South and the East: Fostering Dynamics, Fighting Root Causes of Migration
The aim of the paper is to design a policy which promotes political and economic stability in the European neighbourhood, increases its economic dynamics, and strengthens good governance. The
When Technocratic Appointments Signal Credibility
How do prime ministers manage investors’ expectations during financial crises? We take a novel approach to this question by investigating ministerial appointments. When prime ministers appoint
The Bretton Woods System
As the end of World War II approached, the Allies, and in particular the USA, were determined to create a new international monetary order. Many believed that, in the 1930s, the worldwide
Public sector accounting and fiscal policy in Brazil (1906–1931): foreign credit negotiation and political use
ABSTRACT During the First Republic (1889–1930), also known as the Old Republic, and the Provisional Government of Getúlio Vargas (1930–1934), Brazilian public sector accounting institutions underwent
  • An Introduction to International Economics
  • 2020
Heckscher–Ohlin Model of Comparative Advantage
  • Economics
    An Introduction to International Economics
  • 2020
Absolute Advantage
  • An Introduction to International Economics
  • 2020