Globalization and Nationalism: The Nationalist Action Party of Turkey

  title={Globalization and Nationalism: The Nationalist Action Party of Turkey},
  author={Filiz Başkan},
  journal={Nationalism and Ethnic Politics},
  pages={105 - 83}
  • Filiz Başkan
  • Published 1 January 2006
  • Sociology
  • Nationalism and Ethnic Politics
In discussions on globalization, it has been generally proposed that globalization, by removing boundaries, constitutes a threat to the survival of nation-states, the backbone of nationalism. The aim of this study is to answer the question of how a nationalist party articulates the notion of globalization into its discourse to shed light on its place in the political arena in this global era by examining the ultranationalist Nationalist Action Party of Turkey as a case study. After analyzing… 
The Nationalist Action Party: The Transformation of the Transnational Right in Turkey
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Many Nationalisms, One Disaster: Categories, Attitudes and Evolution of Chinese Nationalism on Social Media during the COVID -19 Pandemic
The study categorized two different expressions of nationalism during the COVID-19 pandemic in China: a counterattack posture to external threats that is reflected as the Suppression of Ambivalent Attitudes and a comparative response to global competition that serves as a stimulate to the Feeling of National Superiority.
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The autonomy of the nation-state has never been quite complete. Indeed, States have been exposed to international influences, even before the current globalization process gained force towards the
Immigration and Minority Nationalism: The Basque Country in Comparative Perspective
ii Acknowledgements iii List of Table and Figures viii List of Abbreviations ix Chapter One: Introduction I. The Immigration-Minority Nationalism Nexus: The Puzzle of the Basque Case 1 II. Situating
Europeanization or not? Turkish foreign policy and the Cyprus problem, 1999-2014
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[The limits of politics].
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