Globalization and Human Rights

  title={Globalization and Human Rights},
  author={Richard Robert Fairbrother and Richard Robert McCorquodale},
  journal={Human Rights Quarterly},
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The focus of this article is the effect of globalization on the protection of human rights, particularly the protection of human rights through international human rights law. This effect of globalization must be considered because, as the former Secretary General of the United Nations noted: [t]echnological advances are altering the nature and the expectation of life all over the globe. The revolution in communication has united the world in awareness, in aspiration and in greater solidarity… 
Globalisation and Human Rights: An Overview of its Impact
The development of human rights law in response to globalization is not new, and there is nothing inherent in the international system that would prevent further protective measures. A number of U.N.
“Globalisation and Human Rights: Helps or Hindrance”
: “ This global development is sometimes viewed as being responsible for exploitation, and other forms of human rights abuses. On the other hand, improvements in human rights are sometimes attributed
The process of globalization is the subject of heated debate over its impacts on human and state security. In this dissertation, I address its influences on one area of human security – the
Challenges and Opportunities of Globalization for the Development of Human Rights in Pakistan 2010-2014
AbstractGlobalization is a growing phenomenon in the contemporary times when man has become modern in its thinking, actions and evaluation. Growing awareness regarding human rights is not only
Globalization and Human Rights
Globalization is a multidimensional miracle; it involves a deepening and broadening of rapid trans-border exchanges due to developments in technology, communications, and media. There is enough
The Second Great Transformation: Human Rights Leapfrogging in the Era of Globalization
Whether globalization improves or undermines human rights is not a matter that can be observed in the short term. Globalization is the second "great transformation" spreading capitalism over the
Globalization and Human Rights: An Overview of its Impact
Globalization has today become a major sort of debate among academicians, policy makers and NGOs. Its impact is profound. Despite the continuing emphasis on promoting global prosperity and achieving
Cultural Globalization and Sustainable Peace
Preventing war and expanding international peace has always been one of the major concerns of the scientific and academic circles of international relations and therefore the recognition of nature
The purpose of this paper is to examine the positive and negative aspects of globalization and realize how one could successfully deal with the challenge it poses. The study shows that though
Globalization and Housing Rights
This article seeks to explore the relationship between the growing phenomenon of globalization and the field of housing rights. I begin with a general description of globalization, and move on to


Cultural Sovereignty, Relativism, and International Human Rights: New Excuses for Old Strategies
Abstract. Although the Charter of the United Nations embodied an unresolved tension between state sovereignty and the inviolability of human rights, the fall of the Berlin Wall seemed to herald
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The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights entered currently has 118 States Parties and has been in force for 17 years. Over the past five years, the implementation of the
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It is now well-established that structural adjustment and stabilization policies (SAPs) undertaken in developing countries to receive condition-based loans from the World Bank and the International
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Development has always been a contested concept. Like other concepts such as peace, security, and human rights, development has been the focus of much debate at the United Nations. Quite clearly in
Human Rights in the World: An Introduction to the Study of the International Protection of Human Rights
Preface**International concern with human rights**The United Nations and human rights I: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights**The United Nations and human rights II: other
The new world order : sovereignty, human rights, and the self-determination of peoples
Contents: Mortimer Sellers, Introduction -- Robert McCorquodale, Human Rights and Self-Determination -- Gerry J. Simpson, The Diffusion of Sovereignty: Self-Determinations in the Post-Colonial Age --
From economic to socio‐cultural emancipation: The historical context of the new international economic order and the new international socio‐cultural order∗
Forty years ago, the Third World was under colonial or hegemonic domination. It was an object of world politics, not a participant in it. Forty years hence, the Third World may well be a full partner
International identity construction and the liberal peace
  • K. Smits
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 1995
Abstract Previous explanations of the ‘exceptionalist’ character of the democratic peace have failed to present a theoretical challenge to the Realist model of international politics. This paper
Militarism and Human Rights
Through an analysis of the impact of military spending on economic growth, the author argues that militarism and human rights are incompatible. Implementation of the economic, social, cultural, civil
The Eclipse of the State? Reflections on Stateness in an Era of Globalization
The economic logic of the current international economy does not predict the "eclipse of the state." Economic globalization does restrict state power, but transnational capital needs capable states