Globalization, Architecture, and Town Planning in a Colonial City: The Case of Jaffa and Tel Aviv

  title={Globalization, Architecture, and Town Planning in a Colonial City: The Case of Jaffa and Tel Aviv},
  author={Mark Levine},
  journal={Journal of World History},
  pages={171 - 198}
  • M. Levine
  • Published 3 July 2007
  • History
  • Journal of World History
This article explores how modernity and globalization unfolded in the neighboring cities of Jaffa and Tel Aviv during the long twentieth century. Each city was the cultural and economic capital of its respective national community, because of which they were in continual contact and conflict in a manner that often muddied the nationalistically determined boundaries between them. I explore how, beginning with Tel Aviv's establishment in 1909, Zionist leaders deployed a narrative of progress and… 
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