Globalisation and the Institutional Re-embedding of Markets: The Political Economy of Price Formation in the Bordeaux En Primeur Market

  title={Globalisation and the Institutional Re-embedding of Markets: The Political Economy of Price Formation in the Bordeaux En Primeur Market},
  author={Colin Hay},
  journal={New Political Economy},
  pages={185 - 209}
  • C. Hay
  • Published 1 June 2007
  • Economics
  • New Political Economy
The political economy literature is deeply divided on the impact of globalisation on the process of price formation in markets for traded goods. On the one hand, those aligning themselves with neoclassical positions tend to associate globalisation with both deregulation and the institutional disembedding of such markets. Globalisation, in such accounts, is an agent of convergence, cleansing markets of their rigidities, their institutional distinctiveness and their associated inefficiencies. It… 

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Research summary: Recent research rooted in the resource-based view of the firm suggests that resources are more likely to create value if they are effectively managed. An underlying assumption of

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Purpose Calculating brand equity, the price differential that a branded product is able to charge compared to an unbranded equivalent, often suffers from a lack of a means to truly determine

The Value of Expert Opinion in the Pricing of Bordeaux Wine Futures*

  • R. Ashton
  • Economics
    Journal of Wine Economics
  • 2016
Abstract The value of expert opinion for establishing prices in the Bordeaux futures market is analyzed. The expert opinions examined are the wine quality ratings provided by two of the world's

The Influence of Wine Expert's On-Line Ratings on Retail Price of On-Premise Market in Korea

The influence of subjective evaluation on quality of wines by wine experts on retail prices in Korean wine market is explored and relative importance of influences that vintage data and Parker Score affect on retail price of on-premise market is analyzed.

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This study aims to explore whether wine CI (Collective Intelligence) platforms, such as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, can provide a wine rating effect on price, as Robert Parker’s does in the

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La litterature sur l’exportation a souvent utilise la theorie des ressources. Toutefois, elle a neglige deux ressources susceptibles d’influencer la capacite a exporter : le statut social et la

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Market societies have created more wealth and more opportunities for more people, than any other system of social organization in history. Yet we still have a rudimentary understanding of how markets

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How behavior and institutions are affected by social relations is one of the classic questions of social theory. This paper concerns the extent to which economic action is embedded in structures of

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The absolute and relative impact of current quality and reputation variables on consumer decisions are examined using data from the market for Bordeaux wine. The estimates indicate that a model of

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L'A. examine la perspective sociologique qui affirme que la stabilite du marche n'est possible que si les acteurs prennent en compte leurs actions reciproques. Il montre que celle-ci s'oppose a la

Quality Expectations, Reputation, and Price

The impact on price of current product quality and reputation are estimated using data from the market for Bordeaux wine. A model is proposed in which price is a function of current quality and

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In this paper, the hedonic price technique is applied to Bordeaux wine. In the hedonic function, the authors include not only the 'objective' characteristics appearing on the label of the bottle but

Globalization and the Open Economy

Noble Rot: A Bordeaux Wine Revolution

1. Millenium Madness 2. Broker Business 3. The Rothschild Revolution 4. Parker Power 5. Sweet Injustice 6. Right Bank Revenge 7. Luxury on the Block 8. Riding the New Wave 9. A Garage Dinner 10.

Wine market prices and investment under uncertainty: an econometric model for Bordeaux Crus Classs

This paper describes an econometric assessment of wine market prices for 21 of the Crus Classes chateaux in the Bordeaux region of France. The model developed in the analysis attempts to define the

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