Globalisation, theocracy and the new fascism: the US Right’s rise to power

  title={Globalisation, theocracy and the new fascism: the US Right’s rise to power},
  author={Carl Davidson and Jerry Harris},
  journal={Race and Class},
  pages={47 - 67}
The Christian Right is an increasingly powerful phenomenon in US politics. Extremely influential in the current administration, it has been building a mass base across the nation. This analysis of a movement that has been growing over the past four decades reveals the complex interrelationships between its different strands, their reach into the mass media, their war of attrition against socially liberal legislation and the opportunistic links with elements of the pro-Israel lobby. Also… 
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This study uses descriptive qualitative method which focusing on the literary work in the novel and interpretation on the analysis. The main data is taken from the novel The Handmaid’s Tale written
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We propose that the current discourse on fascism has emerged from a general crisis of Pax Americana, arising from a convergence of developments, long-term and short, pervading the social order and
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  • 4 Eighth Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Resisting Domination, Affirming Life
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