Globalisation, accounting and developing countries

  title={Globalisation, accounting and developing countries},
  author={Trevor Hopper and Philippe J. C. Lassou and Teerooven Soobaroyen},
  journal={Critical Perspectives on Accounting},
Decision‐making processes of public sector accounting reforms in India—Institutional perspectives
  • S. Krishnan
  • Political Science
    Financial Accountability & Management
  • 2021
While International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) convergence has been the face of the global accounting standardisation movement for the past few decades accounting reforms in the public
Standadization and harmonization of management accounting and economic analysis in a transition economy
Globalization and integration processes require further improvement of accounting and analysis of each country in order to form common standards and principles of accounting and financial reporting.
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Neopatrimonialism, good governance, corruption and accounting in Africa: Idealism vs pragmatism
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Why Do African Countries Adopt IFRS? An Institutional Perspective
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Political economy of accounting and governance in Africa
Governance has become an important concept in the development agenda and forms part and parcel of the development discourse and has, thus, become central in donor decisions. Unfortunately, while
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International political economy: north south relations and neocolonialism France ‘pushing’ through an accounting reform in its former African colony
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In Pursuit of Global Regulation: Changing Governance and Accountability Structures at the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
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Accounting for Government in the Global South: do global solutions match local problems?
This paper examines the impact of globalised accounting and economic reforms on the public sectors of less developed countries. Our interest is in the international institutions that have been