Global women's health – A global perspective

  title={Global women's health – A global perspective},
  author={Nawal M. Nour},
  journal={Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation},
  pages={12 - 8}
  • N. Nour
  • Published 1 August 2014
  • Medicine
  • Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation
Abstract The burden of disease and public health issues affecting girls and women throughout their lives is significantly greater in resource-poor settings. These women and girls suffer from high rates of maternal mortality, obstetric fistulas, female genital cutting, HIV/AIDS, malaria in pregnancy, and cervical cancer. Although the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are being met in some nations, the majority of the goals will not be reached by 2015. In addition, insufficient attention is… Expand
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Justice for Women and Society: The Case of Obstetric Fistula
Obstetric fistula, a preventable childbirth injury, afflicts 2–3 million women worldwide. Obstetric complications of obstructed labor, such as when cephalo-pelvic disproportions prevent the baby fromExpand
A qualitative narrative review of protocols for women's health on short-term medical missions in Latin America and the Caribbean.
To avoid ineffective treatment and related harms to women, volunteer clinicians would benefit from the adaptation and distribution of guidelines for STMMs that are based on existing WHO guidance and acceptable to clinicians, patients and organizations. Expand
Postpartum Care Impact on Malayan Mothers in Pontianak, Indonesia
Purpose: This study aims to analyze postpartum care impact on Malayan people in Pontianak. It also explores the cultural traditions of the Malayan community in relation to postpartum care and howExpand
African Women, Gender, Health, and Sexuality: Theoretical Considerations
This chapter illustrates how the post-colonial social and cultural constructions of African womanhood increase African—and more specifically Kenyan—women’s vulnerability to developing vaginalExpand
Religiosity,Conservatism, and Acceptability of Anti-Female Spousal Violence in Egypt
It was concluded that culturally biased and patriarchal attitudes that devalue women in Egypt, instead of religion, may be the underlying reason for spousal abuse and improving higher education for both men and women would reduce physical spousAL violence. Expand
Demand for global health training among obstetrics and gynaecology trainees in Australia and New Zealand: Insights from the TIGHT study.
There is significant demand for GH training among RANZCOG trainees, and the findings should inform the development of accredited rotations in RLEs and the cultivation of safe and effective global women's health training pathways. Expand
Understanding the Spatial-Related Abstraction of Public Health Impact Goals and Measures: Illustrated by the Example of the Austrian Action Plan on Women’s Health
The influence of spatial aspects on people’s health is internationally proven by a wealth of empirical findings. Nevertheless, questions concerning public health still tend to be negotiated amongExpand
Renal hemodynamic effects of the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.
  • L. Zand, V. Torres, +5 authors F. Fervenza
  • Medicine
  • Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association
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Four weeks of therapy with simvastatin did not change renal blood flow in the study subjects with ADPKD with mild-to-moderate renal dysfunction or in healthy volunteers. Expand
The Problem of Vaginal Fistulas: Dimensions and Trends
The arguments presented in this chapter are not only interested in the bio-medical aspects of vaginal fistulas, but also their socio-cultural and political implications.


Maternal health in poor countries: the broader context and a call for action
A broad perspective on maternal health is taken and links to a range of global survival initiatives, particularly neonatal health, HIV, and malaria, and to reproductive health. Expand
In the Name of Global Health: Trends in Academic Institutions
This paper describes accelerating development of programs in global health, particularly in North American academic institutions, and sets this phenomenon in the context of earlier programs inExpand
Global mortality trends and patterns in older women.
Noncommunicable diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases and cancers, are expected to cause an increasing share of women's deaths in low- and middle-income countries owing to the ageing of the population and to reductions in child and maternal deaths. Expand
Female Genital Cutting:: Clinical and Cultural Guidelines
  • N. Nour
  • Medicine
  • Obstetrical & gynecological survey
  • 2004
The literature is reviewed, the types of female genital cutting are described, its immediate and long-term complications are evaluated, and clinical guidelines for managing women who have undergone this procedure are provided. Expand
Safety, acceptability, and feasibility of a single-visit approach to cervical-cancer prevention in rural Thailand: a demonstration project
A single-visit approach combining visual inspection of the cervix with VIA and cryotherapy seems to be safe, acceptable, and feasible in rural Thailand, and is a potentially efficient method of cervical-cancer prevention in such settings. Expand
Defibulation to Treat Female Genital Cutting: Effect on Symptoms and Sexual Function
Defibulation is recommended for all infibulated women who suffer long-term complications, and the complication rates are minimal, with high satisfaction rates among patients and their husbands. Expand
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Egypt’s population witnessed dramatic increase during the last decade and is estimated at 92, 3 million people compared to a total of 72 million people in 2006. In absolute terms, the population ofExpand
Health Consequences of Child Marriage in Africa
  • N. Nour
  • Medicine
  • Emerging infectious diseases
  • 2006
Comprehensive, multifaceted policies are needed to end child marriage and protect girls and their offspring.
Towards a common definition of global health
This commentary makes the argument for the necessity of a common definition of global health.
World Health Organization . Ten facts on obstetric fi stula
  • 2014