Global warming and climate forcing by recent albedo changes on Mars

  title={Global warming and climate forcing by recent albedo changes on Mars},
  author={Lori K. Fenton and Paul E. Geissler and Robert M. Haberle},
For hundreds of years, scientists have tracked the changing appearance of Mars, first by hand drawings and later by photographs. Because of this historical record, many classical albedo patterns have long been known to shift in appearance over time. Decadal variations of the martian surface albedo are generally attributed to removal and deposition of small amounts of relatively bright dust on the surface. Large swaths of the surface (up to 56 million km2) have been observed to darken or… 

Climate Simulations of Early Mars With Estimated Precipitation, Runoff, and Erosion Rates

The debate over the early Martian climate is among the most intriguing in planetary science. Although the geologic evidence generally supports a warmer and wetter climate, climate models have had

The Dust Cycle and the Surface: Insight from TES Albedo Measurements

Introduction: The dust cycle includes both atmospheric and surface branches. The atmospheric branch has been observed with infrared and visible channel observations, and modeled using General


Introduction The retreat of the walls of the South Pole Swiss Cheese features is interpreted by [1] as a manifestation of the disequilibrium between the perennial cap and the atmosphere suggesting

The Surface Energy Budget at Gale Crater During the First 2500 Sols of the Mars Science Laboratory Mission

We use in situ environmental measurements by the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission to obtain the surface energy budget (SEB) across Curiosity's traverse during the first 2500 sols of the mission.

The Sedimentary Rock Record of Mars: Distribution, Origins, and Global Stratigraphy

The last decade of Mars exploration produced a series of discoveries that provide compelling evidence for the existence of sedimentary rocks on Mars. Previously, Mars was regarded principally as a

A revised surface age for the North Polar Layered Deposits of Mars

The North Polar Layered Deposits (NPLD) of Mars contain a complex stratigraphy that has been suggested to retain a record of past eccentricity‐ and obliquity‐forced climate changes. The surface



Global albedo variations on Mars: Implications for active aeolian transport, deposition, and erosion

Observations at 0.3–3.0 μm by the Viking infrared thermal mapper have been used to determine the temporal and spatial variations of the albedo of the Martian surface and atmosphere. These data were

Surface Dust Redistribution on Mars as Observed by the Mars Global Surveyor

The global redistribution of dust by the atmosphere is geologically and climatologically important. Dust deposition and removal at the surface represents ongoing sedimentary geology: a vestige of

Thermal and albedo mapping of Mars during the Viking primary mission

Measurements of Martian emission and reflection reveal wide variations of surface properties and indicate the presence of a larger atmospheric contribution to the observed radiances than was

An assessment of the global, seasonal, and interannual spacecraft record of Martian climate in the thermal infrared

[1] Intercomparison of thermal infrared data collected by Mariner 9, Viking, and Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) is presented with a specific focus on air temperatures, dust opacities, and water ice

Thermal and albedo mapping of the polar regions of Mars using Viking thermal mapper observations: 1. North polar region

We present the first maps of the apparent thermal inertia and albedo of the south polar region of Mars. The observations used to create these maps were acquired by the infrared thermal mapper (IRTM)

General circulation model simulations of the Mars Pathfinder atmospheric structure investigation/meteorology data

The NASA Ames Mars General Circulation Model is used to interpret selected results from the Mars Pathfinder atmospheric structure instrument/meteorology (ASI/MET) experiment. The present version of