Global versus Chinese perspectives on the phylogeny of the N‐fixing clade

  title={Global versus Chinese perspectives on the phylogeny of the N‐fixing clade},
  author={Honglei Li and W. Wang and Rui-Qi Li and J. Zhang and Miao Sun and R. Naeem and Jun-Xia Su and X. Xiang and P. Mortimer and D. Li and K. Hyde and J. Xu and D. Soltis and P. Soltis and J. Li and S. Zhang and H. Wu and Z. Chen and An‐ming Lu},
  journal={Journal of Systematics and Evolution},
There has been increasing interest in integrating a regional tree of life with community assembly rules in the ecological research. This raises questions regarding the impacts of taxon sampling strategies at the regional versus global scales on the topology. To address this concern, we constructed two trees for the nitrogen‐fixing clade: (i) a genus‐level global tree including 1023 genera; and (ii) a regional tree comprising 303 genera, with taxon sampling limited to China. We used the… Expand
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