Global system for the measuring different biosignals


This paper shows an automatic registration method of the Aand B-group of MRI brain and knee based on the entropy and energy measure of fuzziness. In the first case the time difference between recording the A-group and the B-group is equal six months. In the second case the registration process relies on comparison of each T1-weighted MRI slice with each T2-weighted MRI slice. This procedure has been tested on an overview of clinical exams with misalignment of T1and T2-weighted MRI knee series, where patient motion has caused a mutual shift of slices. In the both events, first, two sequences (Aand B-group and T1and T2-weighted series) are converted to a fuzzy representation. Then, the entropy and energy measures are employed in the NCC and GD methods. The alignment based on energy and entropy fuzzy measures shows a significant improvement in comparison with the implementation of the original image. This method has been implemented in MatLab and tested on the clinical exams of MRI images.

DOI: 10.3182/20090210-3-CZ-4002.00052

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