Global synopsis: morphological and syntactic variation in English

  title={Global synopsis: morphological and syntactic variation in English},
  author={Bernd Kortmann and Benedikt Szmrecsanyi},
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Compared with the regional synopses, it is in this chapter that we shall adopt a truly bird’s-eye, or even satellite, view at morphosyntactic variation across the non-standard varieties in the English-speaking world. Relevant questions that will be addressed include the following: Which are the least and, more interestingly, most frequent morphosyntactic features in non-standard varieties of Englishes worldwide, and thus true candidates for what Chambers (2001, 2003, 2004) has called vernacular… 
Between simplification and complexification: non-standard varieties of English around the world
In this talk we will report on recent and ongoing research on large-scale morphosyntactic variation in non-standard varieties of English. Our empirical basis will be what may be called the ‘World
Typological diversity in New Englishes
Recent research has aimed to integrate the investigation of vernacular universals in native English dialects with variation in postcolonial varieties of English and cross-linguistic typology
The Functional Nature of Pronominal Change: Innovative Plural Pronouns in English and Dutch
At least since Gilliéron’s seminal work on lexical change, it is well-known that language change may be motivated by factors relating to the meaning and/or function of the elements involved. In more
The Present Perfect in World Englishes: Charting Unity and Diversity
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Characteristic morphological and syntactic features of English in Kenya: a corpus study (ice)
Abstract Natalia Budohoska. Characteristic Morphological and Syntactic Features of English inKenya: A Corpus Study (ICE). Lingua Posnaniensis, vol. L IV (1)/2012. The Poznań Society for the
Vernacular Universals and Angloversals in a Typological Perspective
In this study, we endeavor to take a typological perspective on languageinternal variation in English. Our inquiry will be based on the largest comparative survey to date of entire grammatical
Zooming in on Verbs in the Progressive: A Collostructional and Correspondence Analysis Approach
The results confirmed several previous findings about, among other things, the strong association of progressive knowing with Indian English and provided a first step towards the development of detailed constructional profiles of the progressive across English varieties.
Vernacular universality , allomorphic simplification and language contact : the regularisation of hiatus avoidance strategies in English non-standard accents
Vernacular universality, allomorphic simplification and language contact: the regularisation of hiatus avoidance strategies in English non-standard accents. David Britain* and Sue Fox† *University of


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