Global status of neutrino oscillation parameters after Neutrino-2012

  title={Global status of neutrino oscillation parameters after Neutrino-2012},
  author={David Vanegas Forero and Mariam T'ortola and Jos'e W. F. Valle},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Here we update the global fit of neutrino oscillations in arXiv:1103.0734 and arXiv:1108.1376 including the recent measurements of reactor antineutrino disappearance reported by the Double Chooz, Daya Bay and RENO experiments, together with latest MINOS and T2K appearance and disappearance results, as presented at the Neutrino-2012 conference. We find that the preferred global fit value of $\theta_{13}$ is quite large: $\sin^2\theta_{13} \simeq 0.025$ for normal and inverted neutrino mass… Expand

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