Global-scale variations of the ratios of carbon to phosphorus in exported marine organic matter

  title={Global-scale variations of the ratios of carbon to phosphorus in exported marine organic matter},
  author={Yi-Cheng Teng and François W. Primeau and Jason Keith Moore and Michael W. Lomas and Adam C. Martiny},
Theratioof carbon(C) tophosphorus (P) inmarinephytoplankton is thought to be constant throughout the worlds’ oceans. Known as the Redfield ratio1, this relationship describes the links between carbon and phosphorus cycling and marine ecosystems2–4. However, variations in the stoichiometry of phytoplankton have recently been identified, in particular strong latitudinal variability5. Here we assess the impact of this variability in the C:P ratio of biomass on the C:P ratio of organic matter that… CONTINUE READING
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