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Global-scale Magnetism (and Cycles) in Dynamo Simulations of Stellar Convection Zones

  title={Global-scale Magnetism (and Cycles) in Dynamo Simulations of Stellar Convection Zones},
  author={Benjamin P. Brown and Matthew Keith Morris Browning and Allan Sacha Brun and Mark S. Miesch and Juri Toomre Department of Astronomy and Center for Magnetic Self Organization in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas and University of Wisconsin and Madison and Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics and Toronto and Canada. and DSMIRFUSAp and CEA-Saclay and Umr Aim and CEA-CNRS-Universit'e Paris and France. and High Altitude Observatory and Ncar and Boulder and Jila and Dept. AstrophysicalPlanetary Sciences and University of Colorado},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
Young solar-type stars rotate rapidly and are very magnetically active. The magnetic fields at their surfaces likely originate in their convective envelopes where convection and rotation can drive strong dynamo action. Here we explore simulations of global-scale stellar convection in rapidly rotating suns using the 3-D MHD anelastic spherical harmonic (ASH) code. The magnetic fields built in these dynamos are organized on global-scales into wreath-like structures that span the convection zone… 

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