Global patterns of mortality in young people: a systematic analysis of population health data

  title={Global patterns of mortality in young people: a systematic analysis of population health data},
  author={George C. Patton and Carolyn Coffey and Susan M. Sawyer and Russell M. Viner and Dagmar M. Haller and Krishna Bose and Theo Vos and Jane Ferguson and Colin D. Mathers},
  journal={The Lancet},

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Mortality patterns of adolescent and youth in SAARC countries: Findings from the global burden of disease
Overall SAARC region data shows that adolescent and youth death rate has declined between 2000 and 2015, and there should be regional priorities for the prevention of adolescent and Youth deaths recognizing these causes of deaths.
Child and Adolescent Mortality Across Malaysia's Epidemiological Transition: A Systematic Analysis of Global Burden of Disease Data.
Mortality among 5-17 year old children in Kenya
Infectious causes had the highest proportion of diagnoses among children aged 5-17 years who died in six Kenyan hospitals in 2013, and HIV/AIDS, respiratory tract infections and malaria were the predominant clinical diagnoses.
External-cause mortality among adolescents and young adults in Greece over the millennium's first decade 2000-09.
External causes of young people's mortality in Greece were mainly psychosocial and behavioral in origin and young people in Greece still have unmet health-care needs and may further benefit from a multipronged public health approach through improved youth-friendly health services.
Mortality Trends from 2003 to 2009 among Adolescents and Young Adults in Rural Western Kenya Using a Health and Demographic Surveillance System
Significant reductions in adolescent and young adult female mortality rates are found, evidencing the effects of targeted public health programmes, however, all-cause and CD mortality rates among females remain alarmingly high.
Maternal mortality in Ifakara Health and Demographic Surveillance System: Spatial patterns, trends and risk factors, 2006 – 2010
Maternal mortality has declined in rural southern Tanzania since 2006, with geographical differences in patterns of death, with risk factors being younger than 20 years, being single or widowed, and having a low socioeconomic status.
Decreasing death rates and causes of death in Icelandic children—A longitudinal analysis
The results show a distinct decrease in death rates in children during the study period that was continuous over the whole period and emphasise the need to improve measures to detect and treat mental and behavioural disorders leading to childhood suicide.


Trends in Violent Deaths Among Young People 10–24 Years Old, in Switzerland, 1969–1997
Although violent deaths in Switzerland have become significantly less frequent over the last 30 years, they still represent the single greatest cause of fatalities among young people and, as such, constitute a major public health challenge.
Trends in young adult mortality in three European cities: Barcelona, Bologna and Munich, 1986–1995
The increase in AIDS mortality observed in the three European cities in the mid-80s and mid-90s has yielded to substantial changes in the pattern of the main causes of death at young ages in Barcelona and Bologna.
Mortality registration and surveillance in China: History, current situation and challenges
Results from the DSP have been used to inform health policy at national, regional and global levels, and such sample based mortality registration systems hold much promise as models for rapidly improving knowledge about levels and causes of mortality in other low-income populations.
The health of young people in a global context.
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    The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine
  • 2004
Trends and differentials in adolescent and young adult mortality in the United States, 1950 through 1993.
American Indians, Blacks, males, and those with least education and income were at increased risk of both overall and injury-specific youth mortality.
Cause-specific mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh.
The different patterns of mortality identified may be a result of recent changes in the availability and effectiveness of health interventions against childhood cluster diseases.