Global jet properties at 1444 GeV center of mass energy in e + e -

  title={Global jet properties at 1444 GeV center of mass energy in e + e -},
  author={W. Braunschweig and Roland Gerhards and F. J. Kirschfink and H.-U. Martyn and H. M. Fischer and H.-J. Hartmann and J. Hartmann and E. Hilger and A. Jocksch and R. Wedemeyer and B. Foster and Andre Martin and E. Bernardi and J. J. Chwastowski and Andrzej Eskreys and K. Genser and H. Hultschig and P. Joos and H. Kowalski and A. Ladage and B. L{\"o}hr and D. G. Luke and Peter M{\"a}ttig and Dieter Notz and Jm Pawlak and K. U. P{\"o}snecker and E. Ros and D. Trines and R. Walczak and Guenter Wolf and Hermann Kolanoski and J. G. Kruger and Erich Lohrmann and G. Poelz and W. Zeuner and J. F. Hassard and J. Shulman and Darong Su and I. R. Tomalin and Fernando Barreiro and G. Cases and L. Herv{\'a}s and J. Del Peso and M. G. Bowler and Philip Burrows and Roger J Cashmore and M. E. Veitch and John Hart and Dh Saxon and Stephanie Brandt and M. Holder and Y. Eisenberg and U. Karshon and A. D. Montag and Didier Revel and E. E. Ronat and N. Wainer and A. Caldwell and D. Muller and S. Ritz and Derek Strom and M. Takashima and Sau Lan Wu and Georg Zobernig},
  • W. Braunschweig, Roland Gerhards, +61 authors Georg Zobernig
  • Published 1990


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