Global jet properties at 14–44 GeV center of mass energy ine+e− annihilation

  title={Global jet properties at 14–44 GeV center of mass energy ine+e− annihilation},
  author={Wolfgang Braunschweig and Roland Gerhards and F. J. Kirschfink and H. -U. Martyn and H. M. Fischer and Helvi Hartmann and J. L. Hartmann and E. Hilger and Andreas Jocksch and R. Wedemeyer and Brian Foster and A. J. Martin and E. Bernardi and Janusz Chwastowski and Andrzej Eskreys and Krzysztof Genser and H. Hultschig and P. Joos and Henri Kowalski and Aaron Ladage and Bernd L{\"o}hr and D. L{\"u}ke and Peter M{\"a}ttig and Dieter Notz and J. M. Pawlak and K. U. P{\"o}snecker and Eduardo Ros and Dieter Trines and R. Walczak and Gy. Wolf and Hermann Kolanoski and J. Kr{\"u}ger and Erich Lohrmann and G. Poelz and Wolfram Dietrich Zeuner and John Hassard and James S. Shulman and D. Su and I. R. Tomalin and Fernando Barreiro and G. Cases and Luis Herv{\'a}s and J. Del Peso and Michael G. Bowler and Philip Nicholas Burrows and Roger J. Cashmore and Margaret Veitch and John C. Hart and D. H. Saxon and Stephanie Brandt and Mark T. Holder and Yehuda Eisenberg and Uri Karshon and Avram Montag and Didier Revel and Evelyne Ronat and Naor Wainer and Allen Caldwell and David Robert Muller and Steven M. Ritz and D. Strom and M. Takashima and Sau Lan Wu and G. Zobernig and Tasso Collaboration},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Physik C Particles and Fields},
AbstractJet properties ine+e− annihilation at center of mass energies of 14, 22, 35 and 43.7 GeV were studied with the data collected in the TASSO detector at PETRA, using the same evaluation procedures for all the energies. The total hadronic cross section ratio for the center of mass energy interval 39–47 GeV was determined to be ℛ=4.11±0.05 (stat)±0.18(syst.) at $$\langle \sqrt s \rangle = 43 - 7$$ GeV. Corrected distributions of global shape variables are presented as well as the inclusive… 

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