Global information and world communication : new frontiers in international relations

  title={Global information and world communication : new frontiers in international relations},
  author={H. Mowlana},
World Politics in Transition New Frontiers in International Relations International Flow of Information A Framework of Analysis News and Views Designing the World's Symbolic Environment Broadcasting the World National and International Images Cultural Industry From Books to Computers Political Economy of Information Transitional Data Flows International Interactions Travel and Tourism Human Flow across National Boundaries Intercultural Communication Information Technology Developing… Expand
Foreign policy in global information space: Actualising soft power.
The contemporary practice of the internal-external divide in foreign policy is being challenged by globalization's non-territorial logic. This challenge is reformulated as information globalization;Expand
The role of media in contemporary international relations: culture and politics at the crossroads
ABSTRACT The purpose of this article is to reflect on the role of media in contemporary international relations and the ecological aspects of international communication in the technological ageExpand
International News Agencies and the Flow of International News
  • 2006
The paper addresses the issues of information dependency and one-way flow of information through an overview of changes in photographic (and textual) coverage of international news in Slovenian dailyExpand
Global politics in modern technology
The reality of international politics has rapidly grown in complexity. This complexity has been pressuring the discipline of International Relations (IR) to engage with new phenomena, concerns, andExpand
Lessons in International Communication: Carr, Angell and Lippmann on human nature, public opinion and leadership
  • A. Chong
  • Sociology
  • Review of International Studies
  • 2007
Abstract The sub-field of International Communication within International Relations is insufficiently cognisant of the social foundations of communication. Through a selective interpretation ofExpand
Glocalization, local urban culture and change in West Africa: toward negotiating socioeconomic understanding with foreign companies and international organizations.
The paper revisits the key problematic of conceptualizing culture, the ethnographic relevance of cross cultural communication in business management, and the theoretical and pragmatic differencesExpand
The Internet and the Changing Beijing-Taipei Relations: Toward Unification or Fragmentation?
Information and its technologies facilitate the exercise of what has been called “soft power,” a concept that differentiates information from the conventional dimensions of “hard power,” which isExpand
The structure of the international telecommunications regime in transition: A network analysis of international organizations
This paper examines the structure of the international telecommunications regime in terms of networks of social interaction and institutional affiliation among international actors. SocialExpand
Peace Journalism Strategy for Creating a Public Value Sphere
ABSTRACT This article describes a peace journalism model for conflict resolution based on collaboration within a public forum established by using alternative media. In other words, peace journalistsExpand
China’s Global Image Management: Paper Cutting and the Omission of Politics
ABSTRACT China is highly concerned about its global image and is thus increasingly active in promoting itself globally. The most prominent and most controversial tool of China’s global imageExpand