Global forest survey finds trillions of trees

  title={Global forest survey finds trillions of trees},
  author={Rachel Ehrenberg},
Combination approach uses ground-based surveys and satellites to find many more trees than anticipated. 

Impacts of oak deforestation and rainfed cultivation on soil redistribution processes across hillslopes using 137Cs techniques

Background As one of the main components of land-use change, deforestation is considered the greatest threat to global environmental diversity with possible irreversible environmental consequences.

Forestry and Environment

There have been growing concerns in Nepal and other South Asian less developed countries (LDCs) with the acceleration of global environment changes due to continuing increases in greenhouse gas

Green electricity generation from biogas of cattle manure: An assessment of potential and feasibility in Pakistan

In several countries, organic or municipal solid wastes, such as cattle and buffalo manure, have become a serious political and environmental issue owing to organic waste incineration and garbage