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Global environmental issues

  title={Global environmental issues},
  author={Frances Harris},
Contributors ix Acknowledgements xi Part One Introduction 1 1 Human Environment Interactions 3 Frances Harris Part Two Negotiating Environmental Science 19 2 From Science to Policy 21 Frances Harris 3 Confronting a Multitude of Multilateral Environmental Agreements 39 Anilla Cherian Part Three The Changing Surface of the Earth 63 4 Grappling with the Global Climate Challenge 65 Anilla Cherian 5 Understanding and Adapting to Sea-Level Rise 87 Patrick D. Nunn 6 Conserving Biodiversity and Natural… 
Ecological Issues in Contemporary Era
Today the people all around the world face environmental challenges. The destruction caused by the World Wars was immense and affected the lives of the people all around the world. It also did a
Climate Migrants: Legal Options
International Changes in Environmental Conditions and Their Personal Health Consequences
Earth in the balance must consider the international changes in the physical and social environmental conditions resulting from global climate change, economic development, conflict, and other
Tilling and keeping the earth in an unjust economic order towards an African eco-theological framework.
This study proposes an African life sustaining eco-theological framework for tilling and preserving the earth in the context of food insecurity and environmental degradation. The study argues that
The Theological Implications of Achieving Sustainable Urban Environment in Africa
Introduction In the last couple of decades, discourses on environmental issues have significantly assumed a new dimension-a shift to the urban areas and cities. This shift is because urban migration
Nigeria’s Water Challenges and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s)
Water is a pre-requisite for human health and well-being as well as preservation of the environment. It is vital to all living creatures on earth. To underscore the importance of this fact the United
LCA, Ecolabelling and Carbon Footprint as Product Environmental Assessment Tool (P.E.A.T) in Malaysian Perspective
In the new era of the 21st century, the environmental management focus has shifted from an organizational-oriented focus to a product-oriented focus; choosing a more environmentally-friendly product
Introduction to environmental engineering
Abstract Nowadays we can easily say that environmental engineering is truly an interdisciplinary science. Combining biology, ecology, geology, geography, mathematics, chemistry, agronomy, medicine,
Impact of Climate Change in Bangladesh: Water Logging at South-West Coast
Bangladesh is a densely populated, agriculture-based country and is recognized as one of the areas most vulnerable to the impacts of global warming and climate change. This is due to its unique
Intelligent Buildings: Key to Achieving Total Sustainability in the Built Environment
‘Are intelligent buildings a pragmatic approach towards achieving a sustainable built environment?’ is the research question that this review article aims to answer. It has been argued that there is


Adaptation to Climate Change in the context of Sustainable Development
Introduction C limate change is one of the all-encompassing global environmental changes likely to have deleterious effects on natural and human systems, economies and infrastructure. The risks
Climate change mitigation by forestry: a review of international initiatives.
Climate change mitigation by forestry: a review of international initiatives This paper by Marc Stuart and Pedro Moura-Costa is a masterly review of the state of play with initiatives to mitigate the
Population and Climate Change
The volume provides the first systematic in-depth treatment of links between two major themes of the 21st century: population growth and associated demographic trends such as aging, and climate
• Although there is a worldwide surge of interest in conservation, many justifications rest on shaky or ephemeral grounds. • Arguments for conservation of biodiversity often include strong ethical or
Why is There a Biodiversity Convention? The International Interest in Centralized Development Planning
The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is an unusual international environment agreement in that it does not concern an international or global resource. Most of the resources whose regulation
Reconciling National and Global Priorities in Adaptation to Climate Change: With an Illustration from Uganda
Many developing countries, especially in Africa, contribute only very small amounts to the world total of greenhouse gas emissions. For them, the reduction of such emissions is not a priority, and
Integrative analysis of city systems: Bangkok “Man and the Biosphere” programme study
This paper argues that integrative analysis of city systems helps us to see beyond their current environmental and social problems to underlying causes, and it suggests different opportunities for
Towards a geography of agri-environmental policies in England and Wales
Integrating social, environmental, and economic issues in sustainable agriculture
In the past several years, researchers, educators, policymakers, and activists have initiated sustainable agriculture programs and efforts the world over. This development has sometimes been