Global convergence in per capita CO2 emissions

  title={Global convergence in per capita CO2 emissions},
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Convergence of per capita carbon emissions in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, China
The convergence of carbon emissions in important regions is a key prerequisite for reaching China’s carbon emissions peak target. The Yangtze River Economic Belt (YREB) is the latest strategic
Increased inequalities of per capita CO2 emissions in China
It is shown that the CPC inequality index in China increased from 1.1364 in 2000 to 2.3688 in 2017, with the productive sector accounting for 91.42% of this expansion and households responsible for the rest.
Club convergence and spatial distribution dynamics of carbon intensity in China’s construction industry
Climate change caused by carbon emissions continuously threatens sustainable development. Due to China’s immense territory, there are remarkable regional differences in carbon emissions. The
Club convergence of per capita carbon emission: global insight from disaggregated level data
The results support the evidence of two club convergence of total emission, emission from gas and petroleum consumption, while three clubs are noticed in case of per capita carbon dioxide emission from coal use, and invalidates the equality rule of participation of each country in climate change policy.
A Dynamic Benchmark System for Per Capita Carbon Emissions in Low-Carbon Counties of China
As the most basic unit of the national economy and administrative management, the low-carbon transformation of the vast counties is of great significance to China’s overall greenhouse gas emission


Are CO2 Emission Levels Converging Among Industrial Countries?
Time paths of carbon dioxide emissions intwenty-one industrial countries are examinedfrom 1960–1997 to test for stochastic andconditional convergence. Both panel unit roottests and cross-section
Distribution Dynamics of CO2 Emissions
This paper uses nonparametric methods to examine the convergence in CO 2 emissions per capita on a sample of 100 countries for the period 1966–1996. Industrial countries show a convergence pattern.
Divergence in State-Level Per Capita Carbon Dioxide Emissions
This paper addresses the question of whether income convergence is sufficient for per capita carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions convergence by focusing on a set of advanced economies, the U.S. states. I
Testing for Convergence in Carbon Dioxide Emissions Using a Century of Panel Data
This paper tests the convergence in per-capita carbon dioxide emissions for a collection of developed and developing countries using data spanning the period 1870–2002. For this purpose, three
Club Convergence in Carbon Dioxide Emissions
We examine convergence in carbon dioxide emissions among 128 countries for the period 1960–2003 by means of a new methodology introduced by Phillips and Sul (Econometrica 75(6):1771–1855, 2007a).