Global concepts and local meaning: human rights and Buddhism in Cambodia

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Locating Human Rights in Post-Genocide Reconstruction: Reconnecting the Global, National and Local
Despite the ever-expanding criticism of the way the international community conducts its aid missions, it remains clear that humanitarian intervention is necessary for the successful rebuilding ofExpand
The cloak of impunity in Cambodia I: cultural foundations
ABSTRACT Any attempt to stop cycles of violence requires an understanding of the cultural meanings of impunity, or freedom from consequences. As Cambodia struggles to combat the tide of violence inExpand
Improving access for the poorest to public sector health services: insights from Kirivong Operational Health District in Cambodia.
Research findings into the effectiveness of an innovative equity fund approach to improving access to public sector health services for the poor in Kirivong Operational Health District in Cambodia indicate that identification by community members of those eligible for equity funds is feasible, accrues minimal direct costs, and is effective. Expand
The “Perfect Failure” of Communal Genocide Commemoration in Cambodia
Drawing on participant observation at communal sites of genocide memory and ethnographic interviews with villagers, monks, and nongovernmental organization stakeholders, I longitudinally trace (overExpand
Cambodia: Return to Authoritarianism
  • K. Un
  • Political Science
  • 2019
The Origins and Evolution of Humanitarian Action in Southeast Asia
The history of humanitarianism in Southeast Asia is fraught with wicked problems and controversial decisions. Stemming from decades of bloody interstate wars, large-scale natural disasters andExpand
Governing through Abandonment
This article describes and analyses the “empowerment” form of child rights deployed in the move to democratise Cambodia in the 1990s, as it was embedded in 1990s “abandonment politics” (Povinelli,Expand
Human Rights and Buddhism: A Social Injustice Perspective
Many religions across the globe and throughout history are well documented for human rights violations, both as victims of as well as being the perpetrators–from witch hunts to terrorism. BuddhismExpand
Justice and Reconciliation for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge? Victim Participation in Cambodia's Transitional Justice Process
This report is the outcome of a research project1 that aimed to understand victims’ perceptions of justice and reconciliation in post-conflict Cambodia and how their inclusion in the transitionalExpand
Development of Thai Authentic Leadership Measure: An Application in a Military Context
The objectives of this present study are to investigate the constructs underlying of authentic leadership in the Thai context and to develop a reliable and valid measure of a Thai authenticExpand


Mystics and Militants: Democratic Reform in Cambodia
The international developmental discourse of “civil society” informed a plethora of international aid and diplomacy projects in the 1990s. Most understandings of this term offer a static analysis ofExpand
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