Global cellular response to chemotherapy-induced apoptosis

  title={Global cellular response to chemotherapy-induced apoptosis},
  author={Arun P Wiita and Etay Ziv and Paul J. Wiita and Anatoly Urisman and Olivier Julien and Alma L. Burlingame and Jonathan S. Weissman and James A. Wells},
How cancer cells globally struggle with a chemotherapeutic insult before succumbing to apoptosis is largely unknown. Here we use an integrated systems-level examination of transcription, translation, and proteolysis to understand these events central to cancer treatment. As a model we study myeloma cells exposed to the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib, a first-line therapy. Despite robust transcriptional changes, unbiased quantitative proteomics detects production of only a few critical anti… CONTINUE READING
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