Global analysis of the riverine transport of 90Sr and 37Cs.

  title={Global analysis of the riverine transport of 90Sr and 37Cs.},
  author={Jim T Smith and Simon M. Wright and Matthew A Cross and Luigi Monte and Anatoly V Kudelsky and Ritva L Sax{\'e}n and Sergei M Vakulovsky and David N. Timms},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={38 3},
Atmospheric nuclear weapons explosions and large-scale nuclear accidents may contaminate large areas of land with the long-lived radionuclides 137Cs and 90Sr. The mobility and bioavailability of these radionuclides in the environment is dependent primarily on soil characteristics and changes significantly over time after fallout (1-4). Radioisotope concentrations in different rivers and at different times after fallout vary over 2-3 orders of magnitude. Many previous studies have concentrated… CONTINUE READING

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