Global analysis of gene function in yeast by quantitative phenotypic profiling

  title={Global analysis of gene function in yeast by quantitative phenotypic profiling},
  author={James A. L. Brown and Gavin Sherlock and Chad L. Myers and Nicola M Burrows and Changchun Deng and H. Irene Wu and Kelly E. McCann and Olga G. Troyanskaya and Janice M. Y. Brown},
  journal={Molecular Systems Biology},
  pages={2006.0001 - 2006.0001}
We present a method for the global analysis of the function of genes in budding yeast based on hierarchical clustering of the quantitative sensitivity profiles of the 4756 strains with individual homozygous deletion of nonessential genes to a broad range of cytotoxic or cytostatic agents. This method is superior to other global methods of identifying the function of genes involved in the various DNA repair and damage checkpoint pathways as well as other interrogated functions. Analysis of the… CONTINUE READING

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