Global analysis of gel mobility of proteins and its use in target identification.

  title={Global analysis of gel mobility of proteins and its use in target identification.},
  author={Atsuko Shirai and Akihisa Matsuyama and Yoko Yashiroda and Atsushi Hashimoto and Yumi Kawamura and Ritsuko Arai and Yasuhiko Komatsu and Sueharu Horinouchi and Minoru Yoshida},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={283 16},
SDS-PAGE is a basic method that has long been used for separation of proteins according to their molecular sizes. Despite its simplicity, it provides information on characteristics of proteins beyond their molecular masses because gel mobility of proteins often reflects their physicochemical properties and post-translational modifications. Here we report on a global analysis of gel mobility of the proteome, which we term the "mobilitome," covering 93.4% of the fission yeast proteome. To our… CONTINUE READING

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