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Global Talent Management : How Leading Multinationals Build and Sustain Their Talent Pipeline

  title={Global Talent Management : How Leading Multinationals Build and Sustain Their Talent Pipeline},
  author={Wu and G{\"u}nter K. Stahl and Ingmar Bj{\"o}rkman and Elaine Farndale and Shad S. Morris and Jaap Paauwe and Philip Stiles and Jonathan Trevor and Patrick M Wright},
To determine how leading companies in North America, Europe, and Asia develop and sustain strong talent pipelines, this research investigates talent management processes and practices in a sample of 37 multinational corporations, selected on the basis of their international scope, reputation, and long-term performance. In-depth case studies and a Web-based survey of human resources professionals identify various effective practices that can help companies attract, select, develop, and retain… Expand

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