Global Solar Radiation Estimation on a Horizontal and Tilted Plane in Agadir City, Morocco

  title={Global Solar Radiation Estimation on a Horizontal and Tilted Plane in Agadir City, Morocco},
  author={Sonia Alimi and Sassi Ben Nassrallah and Arnau Gonzalez and Jordi-Roger Riba and Assumpci{\'o} Estivill i Rius and Rita Puig and Ji Wu and Chee Keong Chan and Yu Zhang and Bin Yu Xiong and Q. H. Zhang and Massimo Laz Zaroni and Stefano Ferrari and Vincenzo Piuri and Ayse Salman and Loredana Cristaldi and Emre Akarslam and Fatih Onur Hocaoglu and Edward Rajan},
This paper proposes the modeling and simulation of the incident solar radiation on a horizontal and inclined plane in the city of Agadir. To do, we adopt the Kasten model which takes the atmospheric turbidity into consideration in order to estimate the incidental solar radiation on a horizontal plane. In addition we determine the incident solar radiation on an inclined plane from the global horizontal radiation. To validate the chosen models, we compare the simulated values of the solar… CONTINUE READING


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