Global Patterns of Groundwater Table Depth

  title={Global Patterns of Groundwater Table Depth},
  author={Y. Fan and H. Li and Gonzalo Miguez-Macho},
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Water Flowing Underground In addition to serving as an out-of-sight, yet much-needed water source, groundwater influences ecosystems on land—especially when the groundwater depth is shallow. Fan et al. (p. 940) used government archives and published studies to construct a global map of groundwater depth based on over 1,000,000 direct well measurements. A groundwater model was then used to construct a continuous global map of groundwater depth. The findings reveal the global influence of sea… 

Groundwater influence on soil moisture memory and land–atmosphere fluxes in the Iberian Peninsula

Abstract. Groundwater plays an important role in the terrestrial water cycle, interacting with the land surface via vertical fluxes through the water table and distributing water resources spatially

A global-scale two-layer transient groundwater model: development and application to groundwater depletion

Abstract. Groundwater is the world's largest accessible source of freshwater to satisfy human water needs. Moreover, groundwater buffers variable precipitation rates over time, thereby effectively

Effects of anthropogenic water regulation and groundwater lateral flow on land processes

Both anthropogenic water regulation and groundwater lateral flow essentially affect groundwater table patterns. Their relationship is close because lateral flow recharges the groundwater depletion

Global Land Surface Modeling Including Lateral Groundwater Flow

The groundwater system is an essential part of Earth's systems. However, most current land surface models (LSMs) for climate modeling do not explicitly account for the lateral groundwater flow

Global distribution of groundwater‐vegetation spatial covariation

Groundwater is an integral component of the water cycle, and it also influences the carbon cycle by supplying moisture to ecosystems. However, the extent and determinants of groundwater‐vegetation

Low‐water maps of the groundwater table in the central Amazon by satellite altimetry

Groundwater plays a fundamental role in rainforest environments, as it is connected with rivers, lakes, and wetlands, and helps to support wildlife habitat during dry periods. Groundwater reservoirs

A high-resolution global-scale groundwater model

Groundwater is the world's largest accessible source of fresh water. It plays a vital role in satisfying basic needs for drinking water, agriculture and industrial activities. During times of drought

Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions in Relation to Natural and Anthropogenic Environmental Changes

Groundwater and surface water interaction is an essential component of the hydrological cycle. The hydraulic connectivity and exchange of water between surface water (e.g. rivers, lakes, wetlands)

Global distribution of groundwater-vegetation spatial covariation Postprint version

Groundwater is an integral component of the water cycle, and it also influences the carbon cycle by supplying moisture to ecosystems. However, the extent and determinants of groundwater-vegetation

Global patterns of shallow groundwater temperatures

Only meters below our feet, shallow aquifers serve as sustainable energy source and provide freshwater storage and ecological habitats. All of these aspects are crucially impacted by the thermal



Global depletion of groundwater resources

In regions with frequent water stress and large aquifer systems groundwater is often used as an additional water source. If groundwater abstraction exceeds the natural groundwater recharge for

III: Groundwater recharge and recession in a shallow weathered aquifer

Abstract. In crystalline basement regions of Africa, shallow weathered aquifers provide vital water resources for rural communities. To quantify evidence of the behaviour of these shallow aquifers,

The role of groundwater in the Amazon water cycle: 1. Influence on seasonal streamflow, flooding and wetlands

[1] Observational studies across the Amazon report a common occurrence of shallow water table in lowland valleys and groundwater-surface water exchange from small headwater catchments to large

Quantitative maps of groundwater resources in Africa

In Africa, groundwater is the major source of drinking water and its use for irrigation is forecast to increase substantially to combat growing food insecurity. Despite this, there is little

Seasonal expansion and contraction of stream networks in shallow groundwater systems

Potential groundwater contribution to Amazon evapotranspiration

Abstract. Climate and land ecosystem models simulate a dry-season vegetation stress in the Amazon forest, but observations do not support these results, indicating adequate water supply. Proposed

Trends of groundwater data from the Korean National Groundwater Monitoring Stations: indication of any change?

Widespread climate change can impact on groundwater conditions. We evaluated the groundwater data for 1996–2008 obtained from the National Groundwater Monitoring Stations (NGMS), in the context of

Monitoring and modeling water‐vegetation interactions in groundwater‐dependent ecosystems

In many regions around the world, groundwater is the key source of water for some vegetation species, and its availability and dynamics can define vegetation composition and distribution. In recent