Global Multisourcing Strategy: The Emergence of a Supplier Portfolio in Services Offshoring

  title={Global Multisourcing Strategy: The Emergence of a Supplier Portfolio in Services Offshoring},
  author={Natalia Levina and Ning Su},
  booktitle={Decis. Sci.},
In today’s global services outsourcing arena, increasing numbers of companies adopt “multisourcing,” that is, they select and combine information technology (IT) and business services from multiple providers. The literature on IT outsourcing and supply chain management has identified critical tradeoffs involved in increasing the number of suppliers and has strongly recommended focusing on a handful of strategic partners to balance these tradeoffs. Committing to a few strategic partners, however… 

Global Multisourcing Strategy: Integrating Learning From Manufacturing Into IT Service Outsourcing

  • N. SuN. Levina
  • Business
    IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • 2011
This paper conceptualize a firm's multisourcing supply base along the dimensions of breadth and depth and theorize about the impact of these two dimensions on outsourcing outcomes and conducts case studies of two global financial services firms to illustrate the configurations and identify patterns of evolution of global multisourced strategy in customized information systems development.

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